Need Food? WIC, SNAP Can Help

Sometimes everyone needs a helping hand with their groceries. Food assistance programs – like Woman, Infant and Children (WIC) and SNAP – can offer much needed help putting food on your table so you don’t have to worry how you are going to get your next meal.


Texas WIC provides free food assistance for pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women and children up to age 5.

The WIC program is for Texas residents that meet  income requirements. WIC recipients get free nutrition counseling and education, breastfeeding support and food assistance to help ensure children get a healthy start.  WIC participants get their monthly food package benefits loaded onto an ebt card that can be redeemed for WIC foods. 

Pregnant mothers may get food packages that include cereal, beans, dairy, fruits & vegetables and more. Infant children would qualify for a food package that includes baby formula and baby food.

Older children would qualify for packages that include milk, eggs, cheese, bread, fruits & vegetables and more. To learn more about food packages visit WIC online

The WIC program is a great tool for mothers to ensure that their babies are getting the right nutrition that they need. Afterall, baby formula is expensive, and you don’t need to worry if your little one will have enough.  Apply online at


SNAP , sometimes called a food stamp program, is a food assistance program that loads benefits onto an ebt card, used like a debit card, called the Lone Star Card, to pay for groceries. To see if you qualify, visit


If you qualify for both programs, understanding key differences can help you maximize your benefits.  WIC expires at the end of each month. SNAP rolls over to the next month if the benefits are not used to be used later. To maximize food stamp benefits, use WIC benefits first.

Any SNAP benefits you don’t use during the month can roll to the next month up to a year.  Participants not using WIC benefits during the month it was issued, lose them. To maximize all your benefits, use WIC first and roll what you don’t use for SNAP to the next month. WIC pays for nutritious food for growing children up to age 5.

SNAP can be used for adults and older children.  Also, some WIC clients that have both WIC and SNAP use their SNAP benefits for extra baby formula for their little ones if it is needed. Grocery Services North can help you avoid any hassle redeeming any of your food benefits.

PWIC stores – like Grocery Services North – caters to families that need food assistance for the WIC program. They also accept SNAP. Because store staff is familiar with food assistance programs, you won’t have any hassle at check out, and you will be in and out with nutritious food for your family in one easy stop. 

Grocery Services North stores provide all the food categories for the WIC program so you don’t have to search aisles trying to determine what qualifies for WIC. The stores also accept SNAP. To find a location near you, visit To find a WIC clinic, visit the free online directory.

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